Welcome to OffTopicTim.com!

Welcome, everyone to OffTopicTim.com!

Off Topic Tim - versatile conversationalist(If you have ADD or ADHD and just can’t read full blog posts, you CAN follow me on Twitter @offtopictim.)

OffTopicTim.com was born from my increasingly growing frustration with friends not listening to me and understanding that I MIGHT actually have something to say that didn’t have to do with the daily crap that passes for conversation these days. THAT and these conversations often involved using words which sounded like they were made up in the minds of 15-year old Asian girls who spent their lives watching only 1980’s Valley Girl movies… Feeling like I was the only one who  understood the slippery slope that this involved, I began to look for a place to vent.

OffTopicTim.com and KROQ

On April 9th, 2012, “The Kevin & Bean Show” on Los Angeles’s alternative rock station, KROQ, was kind enough to hear me out on the topic of using made up words in daily conversation. Like Voldermort, these words must not be named, lest they gain credence in the everyday lexicon… Needless to say, this topic was well received and friends suggested building a daily blog to vent my frustrations.

Well, it worked and OffTopicTim.com now vents about even the littlest things. But, not only do I save my most biting and (sometimes) vitriolic comments and social criticism for those involved in politics and high profile social situations but those who are “dumb” on a daily basis as well.

I hope you enjoy what I am creating here and what I am talking about. We’ll discuss things like FASHION, STUPID PEOPLE, our sci-fi TV series “COLD VOID,” TV SHOWS, SOCIETY, GOVERNMENT, JOB HUNTING and many topics on which I am ahead of the curve in discussing. So, there should be something for everyone here!

Hopefully, some of it will be of some education and keep people talking and thinking every day!

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