Come on Big Spender, Spend a Dime on ME…

(if you don’t like it, just remember that in some realm, dimension or time, YOU are wrong…)

Since today is both Cinco de Mayo (or Mexican St. Patrick’s Day for those of you who live in the Midwest) AND The Kentucky Derby (Tequila mint-juleps, anyone?), added to which it’s a beautiful beach day, I thought I’d talk politics today!

Yesterday’s U.S. jobs report was fodder for the every present (and soon to be MORE ever present) Presidential campaign as it wasn’t as good as expected and now has people (mainly Fox News and CNN – hereafter to be referred as The Empire and dumbass-Ewok tribe) wondering if the economy has enough steam to keep employing enough people to lower the unemployment rate. It has also made people (mainly a well-coifed gymnast [aka flip-flopper] named Mitt Romney) question the president’s economic policies. Among those policies are cutting government spending creating a “free economy” and cutting taxes to give the wealthy (somehow called “job creators”) more money with which to spend.

(Listen, if I was a “wealthy” person, and someone told me they were going to lower my taxes so I’d “spend more,” I’d just use that money to fund a trip to ANOTHER country where I could put my money. And I’d be willing to be that I am not alone in that sentiment.)

Now, the idea of a “free economy” – one that is based on capitalistic principles – hasn’t existed since people traded chickens for goats. Since governments became all the rage about the time that Homo Sapiens built houses in which to live, they have steered their economies toward that which was best for the government. And in this era of government officials who are given large “campaign contributions” by lobbyists, you can begin to see where the disconnect from the people grows…

So, since governments are inextricably linked to economies, shouldn’t it be NECESSARY for governments to provide a nudge in the right direction?

Let me cite the urban legend of the NASA space pen and the Russian pencil. As the legend goes, NASA spent $100’s of million dollars to develop a pen that would write in zero-G environments, including space. At the same time, the Russian space agency used pencils in space.

Well, that’s all well and good, but whose economy benefited from hiring engineers, test “pen-ners,” engineering building, buying supplies and raw materials, purchasing lunches in order to get napkins to write ideas down on, etc.? And the list goes on. As the U.S.S.R. toiled in a land of one-ply toilet paper, our economy flourished and we had 2-PLY paper! As they continued to use space capsules to orbit the Earth, we put men on the moon (while in the Arizona desert sound stages), and build space shuttles for museums!

My point for today is that government spending is the biggest booster to bringing an economy back from the ledge. It’s like buying pizza and beer for the your buddy, sitting out on the ledge of his high-rise, wondering whether or ┬ánot to jump.

Do you really want to be stingy at a time like that, America?


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2 thoughts on “Come on Big Spender, Spend a Dime on ME…”

  1. Definition of CAPITALISM (Miriam Webster)
    : an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market.

    Personally, having a small investment in common stock mutual funds, I have to believe the system still works well. Here needs to be said though, that excess government interference does hinder the free market. As far as governments “nudging” the economy, the present administration has inundated the economy with taxpayer’s
    cash and thus far the feeble result indicates that we didn’t get much “bang for our bucks”.
    I do have to suggest, after reading that you believe that the President is cutting spending, that you do more reading and research (WSJ would be a good start).

    The Democrat Party lives by providing entitlements, as they directly result in votes for them. The “Big Fight” in Congress is Republicans trying to stop the spending and the Democrats objecting fiercely, as it threatens their very existence.

    I do agree with your conclusion on NASA’s spending for the space pen, it did
    provide good jobs and the technology gained provided a plethora of ideas and eventually a raft of consumer products.

    1. I’m glad to have your comments here. I don’t advocate HUGE spending in order to stimulate the economy (ALL Federal $$$ are going to seem huge nonetheless), but if you break it down to a micro-economic example it makes more sense (to me). I have been without a job for almost two years. In order to get a job, I have to build a resume, which in the past meant BUYING paper and mailing them out which costs money. Today, it means subscribing to employment sites in some cases, so I am spending money to make more money, which is investment.

      I don’t think that the President is cutting spending and I would advocate more spending. But, it’s no the President who spends, it’s the Congress. 90% of which need to be removed to make them more accountable to their constituents. (you can join my Facebook page, “The 90% Turnover Project” for more on that.

      Thanks for reading.

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