The “90% Turnover Project” – or “Throw ‘Em All Out!”

(I’d advocate for a full overthrow of the entire U.S. Government, but they are probably watching me already…)

“I am quite sure now that often, very often, in matters concerning religion and politics a man’s reasoning powers are not above the monkey’s.” – special guest commentator, Mark Twain – Thanks, Mark!

Where good, honest, intelligent ideas and compromise go to die...

Government is NOT Politics, and Politics is NOT Government. Or at least they shouldn’t BE the same. You may think they are. The Dumb Ass Ewok Tribe and The Great Evil Empire Propaganda Machine, or better known to you as CNN and FOX News respectively, often use them interchangeably. Here in this country, we tend to blur the definition of the two until they become the same thing, and that’s a damned shame.

For those of you who didn’t take a civics class, or haven’t used a dictionary in a while, here are the definitions of each:

     Government: The system by which a nation, state, or community is governed.

     Politics: The art or science of government*** (I would say that this definition has even been co-opted by many to be more defined by one’s sympathies or opinions and that government is no longer “governed” by art or science and is governed more by emotion)

Government is a great system for regulating people to do things that they don’t want to do and keeping others from doing the things that they would like to do. It’s a form of subjugation in the sheep’s clothing of citizen protection, controlling the population with curbs against free will so that the MAJORITY is (or should be) protected from the “minority,” who in the view of the government, are out to get them.

But, this column today is NOT about government. It’s about the 90% of Congress that doesn’t have a positive rating. It’s about politics and its infestation with the U.S. Legislative branch and what, if you are even remotely interested in the course of your country and the responsibility of your elected officials, you can do about it.

In case you didn’t notice, it’s a presidential election year. And that makes politics for every office so much crazier. Every little thing is nitpicked. Networks brush off their “campaign trail” logos with new graphics, add new, catchy music, and pick new “hype” words. But, it’s really the same old thing, every two and four years. Unfortunately, we’ll probably get the same old (and getting older) people, doing the same old thing, and we’ll all complain the same old way about how nothing is getting done.

Secretly, I like politics in the same way I like the movie “The Room.” It’s awful and just horrible to watch, but I get a certain glee out of it, shaking my head, shouting at the TV and secretly wishing I was on the floor of the U.S. Congress so I could drop “F-bombs” and call assholes “asshole” to their faces! The very thing that is wrong with Government today is the very thing I would use to cure it. Why not turn up the volume to 11 and fight the fire with fire until it all burns itself out?  If Congress were more like “The Hunger Games,” you can rest assured that we would vote in the smartest, best fit, and strongest candidates to represent us. Not just the ones with the most money.

Unfortunately, the idiots running the show in D.C. are the most connected. It’s like “Survivor” but it’s the agents of the contestants that are playing the game while everyone else suffers.

(yes, I know TONS of analogies today!!!)

I always thought I would make a good, if not great representative or senator to the U.S. Congress for several reasons:

I’m SMART – certainly smarter than some of the imbeciles that currently represent various citizenry throughout the U.S.  This clearly indicates that either these representatives ARE a direct reflection of their constituents OR none of the smart people in that district bother to vote. Both are scary ideas to consider. (QUICK: Name YOUR U.S. REP and your U.S. SENATOR and what their (your?) position is on your most cherished concern.)

I’m LOGICAL but EMPATHETIC. This is a rare combination. I can talk about many subjects and weigh both sides equally in my head and my heart, listening to both sides. When was the last time you heard about a person speaking on the floor of the House or Senate utilizing both logic and passion or passionate logic or logical passion to further a cause? No, today all you hear about is about how much “our side” and “their side” is or are to blame. As a constituent, do I know which side I am supposed to be on?

And I would make sure to be totally TRANSPARENT, revealing every person who walked in my office, called into my office or met with me and I’d never take money from someone or some corporation that didn’t reside in MY DISTRICT.

Since those reasons alone will most likely keep me from ever reaching a position representing MOST Americans, I’d thought I’d share a few other reasons why I won’t ever make it into politics:

1. I’d have to move. Even if I did ever become a State Rep here in California, I’d have to go to Sacramento. Who the f*ck wants to go to Sacramento? Hell, even the Sacramento Kings don’t want to be in Sacramento and they are pro sports stars!  If I still lived in Wisconsin, I’d love to be in Madison and I suppose Lansing is alright… If I ever was elected to the U.S. Congress, I’d have to go to Washington, D.C. and I really, really don’t want to go to D.C.  But, seeing as how little work they do there (approximately 108 total working days in the entire 2012 calendar year), I could possibly swing this…

2. I have a “background.” Years ago, the sh*t that I did as a kid and even last weekend would have gotten me thrown out of the primaries! Yet, as the years have gone by and we have accepted Presidents that “didn’t inhale,” “had done cocaine,” and “hung out with radical reverends,” and have admonished, but accepted, an assortment of Representatives and Senators with peccadilloes I parents would blush at, my transgressions seem to pale in comparison…

3. I don’t have tons of dispensable $$$ to run for office. Enough said on that topic.

4. I’d have to stop writing this blog and really, there isn’t anything more than I like than picking a fight for discussion’s sake…

So, since we can’t have somewhat honest, smart, funny people like me in Congress, what can we do? We can work tirelessly to remove as much of the problem as possible. If you are interested in more about how to clean up Congress, I invite you to the Facebook Page “The 90% Turnover Project” at

Until then, I am going to go cause some trouble…

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4 thoughts on “The “90% Turnover Project” – or “Throw ‘Em All Out!””

  1. Tim-
    I did not mean that each side should should fight to the death. The problem is, that what is” good for the country” is defined in different ways by different legislators, each who believe he/she is on the correct path for the common good.
    I am more than happy to see young people interested in politics, because that is what will hold the “feet of our elected representatives to the fire”. I am forming a habit of viewing your daily blog and it is growing on me. Keep up the good work.

  2. Tim-
    Although it’s popular to “dis” our elected representatives, I had hoped that your blog would delve into some specifics that Congress is mishandling. Of course that would require some in-depth research on your part. Unless the young in this country get past the “State owes me a living” and start paying attention to what is actually happening in Congress, things won’t change. Politics is about POWER AND MONEY and nothing else.
    Every election cycle we sent a few good people to Washington, only to see them corrupted in short order. The change comes about when they find themselves “on the outside” unless they conform (which many unfortunately do.) This sophmoric folishness that our representatives should all get along is wishful thinking and not necessarily good for the country. It would simply mean that they all would, for instance, agree on continued deficit spending with no end in site (let’s be Greece). The original Continental Congress was a battle scene, ,but the end result was a brilliant system that has endured for many years. The crux of the problem is the often untruthfulness and/or omission of facts in the media, which most people view as Gospel. Would you do away with Fox News and it’s Conservative views, so that we could have nothing but a Liberal media with no opposition? That was done in Germany in 1939 and was unfortunately very successful. Are we still friends????

    1. Bob,
      We will always still be friends. The gist of my post was that if everyone disapproves of the job Congress is doing (10% approval rating means SOME people aren’t happy with their reps), then just vote them out, and start again. My lack of research non-withstanding, attaching a “no same sex marriage in the military” amendment to the current defense spending bill is just an example of gridlock based on a vitriolic partisanship that exists today.

      My FaceBook page, “The 90% Turnover Project” is co-admined by a staunch Republican in Wisconsin who LOVES Governor Walker and hates Obama and he feels exactly the same way – that most of these people should be gone. What is wrong with electing men and women who will work TOGETHER in order to create a better government?

      It’s not sophomoric to wish that despite their ideological differences, Congress SHOULD work together to further the good of the country, not the good of the party at the expense of the country. I could care less if Dems or Reps led either the Congress or Senate, IF things GOT DONE. (and, no getting done is NOT rubberstamping whatever a president says is Patriotic as we did in the early 2000’s).

      I don’t want people to agree if they don’t, why do you think I write this blog?

      But, thanks for reading; I am glad that some people still do…

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