Do You Understand Why Learning Is Important?

To continue growing and evolving as a human being and a society, it’s necessary to understand why learning is important

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I learned something yesterday – you CAN take an infant to a showing of “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.” That baby didn’t make a peep at all! Sure, the movie was loud as hell and I couldn’t hear anything but the film, but I’m pretty sure that baby didn’t have a clue where it was and will one day have to watch it on Blue-Ray. AND, I would never take my child to ANY midnight screening of ANY film no matter how much they whined and cried. Go ahead, call me a bad parent and a “no-fun” dad. I come from a time when parents didn’t cave into their children’s childish demands and was constantly told “no.” And I plan on being a RESPONSIBLE parent, because I’ve learned how to be a good parent. (The fact that I have no kids or potential wife is the real issue here!).

But, that’s just one thing I learned yesterday. And it occurred to me that it’s necessary to understand WHY learning is important in one’s daily life as a person and a society.

When I was a kid, I was always learning something. Whether it was “reaching for a dead fish with a stick while standing on a moss covered boulder will lead to a head first fall into Lake Michigan and a cracked-open skull,” or that “using the butter knife to pry out a piece of toast while the toaster is still plugged in will shock the hell out of you,” I began to understand why learning was important. It helps you to evolve and grow.

“Nourish the mind like you would your body.The mind cannot survive on junk food.” Jim Rohn, the late American entrepenuer, and mentor to the likes of Tony Robbins  once said. If you’re spending your day reading US Weekly or People and following that up by watching “American Idle” or “America’s Got Talented Pets,” you’re really not nourishing your mind, are you? What have you learned from that? Have you learned why learning is important? Sure, you can talk about it at your water cooler the next morning. But, what have you learned?

Why learning is important even if you’re not going to “need it later in life”

Why learning is important for all of life

You don’t think that it will come up ever again, but it might!

As Calvin demonstrates, there isn’t really much need for what you learn as a kid later in later. Or is there? When I was growing up in Portland, Michigan and was sitting in Mr. Rainey’s World History Class, I wasn’t sure that the lesson plans on the Mongolian domination of Asia, the Roman Empire and the Dark Ages would ever come in handy. But, drinking beer while attending the higher learning institution called the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the show Jeopardy! became an obsession that I would finally cross off my bucket list in 1999. At that point, I finally realized why learning is important.

Plus, chicks dig it if you can talk about something other than Robert Pattinson and frowny face McFrowner and whether or not they will split up. Well, classy chicks will appreciate it.

There are other reasons why learning is important

Getting ahead – The U.S. is 27th in the world in education in science and math. Even if you just take the time to watch some TV that isn’t about singing competitions like almost ANYTHING on the Discovery or Science channels, or even SyFy’s TV shows “Eureka” or “Warehouse 13” (trust me, I’ve learned a LOT about scientific principles by watching “Eureka”), you’ll walk away with some little nugget related to science that will stick in your head. Maybe it will even make you Google it later. Take that, run with it, and you’ll be smarter than your friends.

Just to give you an indication of things that I have learned lately by understanding why learning is important:

– I know how to write an SEO article, blog or web page with the best of them. I learned this skill in two weeks…

– I know that I will not buy beachfront property in North Carolina. The state legislature wants to use historical records, not scientific data by EDUCATED scientists that show sea level rise much higher than the last few hundred years. I wouldn’t want to live in N.C. for many reasons, but that’s the reason I won’t live near the beach.

– I’ve learned that there might be a difference of opinion on the nuances of “going out with” or “dating” someone…

– I can now hit a draw on purpose when I golf, which is what I am going to go do right now…

Why learning is important - the golf draw

It doesn’t ALWAYS look like this…

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