Why You Need a Good Copy Editor – “Looking to Hire A Experienced Copyrighter [sic]”

(oh, yes, I answered that classified ad, but I proofread it and then sent it back to them first…)

The pitfalls and obstacles of the job hunt

What I face every day in THE JOB HUNT. Minus the suit.

Always on the job hunt, I answer ANY posting for any job that seems remotely like what I HAVE DONE, COULD DO, or WILL DO. And that means that I turn over every stone that I can; jobs from legitimate job sites like Monster, CareerBuilder, and LinkedIn to the odd and entertainment specific sites like Media-Match, 4EntertainmentJobs and Mandy’s. And of course there is CraigsList, where not only can I peruse job opportunities, I can buy tickets to a concert or sporting event, buy a slightly used couch or I can look through some of the greatest personal ads, “casual encounter” ads and “rant and rave” postings ever created…

(Seriously, if you have a day where you have absolutely nothing to do, go to Craigslist and find the “Best of Craigslist” link off to the left. There are some fantastic creatively-endowed people out there.)

Anyway, I would guess that I have responded (“applied” just doesn’t seem the right word anymore these days…) to approximately 400+ job postings at various sights in 2012 alone. These is just one of the posted jobs that I have run across (I have left off the jobs with the words “intern,” and only included the jobs I have found in LA):

Jobs to which I have applied

Looking to Hire A Experienced Copyrighter” [sic] – from the title of this post, I had to apply to this job posting because the way it was written screamed that they NEEDED a new copywriter. Turns out it was too good to be true, as I got a reply that wanted me to link to another site, which had a lot of creepy young Abercrombie and Fitch types – the men with waxed chests and the women with the eyes of a heavily “roofy-ed” Tri-Delt… The sight was about vacations or something, but I quickly cleared my cache and cookies and logged off. No go on that one.

I have others, but I haven’t saved them and so I will have to add them when new ones come up or I can find them again.

The one job I’d be really good at, but can’t seem to get in touch with them

Spam email writer – I receive enough spam email on a daily basis to know that I can write better spam. It’d be so much easier to write in the voice of a Nigerian prince if you don’t have to write it in Russian (most email scams originate from Russia and other former Eastern Bloc countries), then do a conversion to English, where everything written turns out like a Cold War Yoda, “Pleased to be making your acquaintance this day fine, I am.” If ever I am kidnapped in a foreign country and held for ransom, I would suggest they let me earn my freedom by writing email scams which you can’t tell immediately are scams. I’d start by saying I’m seeking donations for (insert your political representative or his opponent here). What a racket THAT is!

Jobs to which I have received a rejection letter, but found errors and wrote back, “Nice one. A good ______ would have caught that.”

Well known, world-wide advertising agency (some of you have already heard this one):

Please continue to review our job postings for positions that peak your interest.

The job was for a freelance copy editor position here in LA, in the South Bay, even. So, I copy edited the rejection letter, explained that the correct word was “pique” and mailed it back to the creative director at the LA office.

It occurs to me that the best way to do anything is for YOURSELF. So, starting next week, I’m going to be starting my own Social Media Writing Agency. I think I’ll call it “Hi!”

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