Disappointing The Parents

With comments such as, “Back in my day….” disappointing the parents is easy

disappointing our parents

Mom and dad arrived with plenty of gear for a road trip.

They’re here. Camped out in my bedroom while I bunk out on the couch. (Apologies to anyone crashing on my couches in advance.) We’ve settled into the standard Larry-MarySue-Tim triangle dynamic that includes asking what each of wants to do, asking again, getting distracted by another thought, making a plan, then revisiting the topic all over again. Somehow, I need to sneak a video camera into these discussions so that I can show you the flavor of what is actually transpiring, but rest assured a lot of time is actually being spent in discourse on this vacation. Which is nice because it’s HOT. And a lot of it has to do with Tim’s employment situation and monetary resources… I’m throwing everything I can at them to distract them, but they just aren’t taking this vacation seriously. And, yes, I DO understand the irony in that statement.

But, we do have at least the skeleton of a plan while they are out here, including: golf today with Dad, the Reagan Museum tomorrow, more golf on Friday, then the Fiesta Hermosa fair combined with visiting the U.S.S. Iowa, Wisconsin football on Saturday and a Pink Floyd cover band before they head out on Monday or Tuesday. Some of them are stuff I want to do and some of them are things Mom and Dad want to do and ALL of it is situated around the daily resume dump, job search and company building with mom walking by my desk on trips to the kitchen “to see what I’m up to…” It’s like being a kid at home again.

In the time they’ve been here, I’ve been confronted by the feeling that their only son is not as accomplished as he should be at this point in his life. I’m certainly nowhere close to where my sister is. And, according to my personal “futurecast” timeline, I am way off course! And yes, I did do a blog piece once on the “Oulda’s’” a while back. And no, I don’t follow my own advice. This column is for YOU, my friends, not me.

But, I don’t think that I am alone in disappointing our parents as a generation. I am sure that there was a blacksmith somewhere in the 17th century whose mother and father mentioned that things were different in their day… EVERY generation has the chance to be disappointing the parents. And, don’t even get me started on Gen Y or the “Millennials.” Sometimes, I am truly glad that I didn’t have kids that grew up in the last 10-15 years.

So, with six more days left here I’m doing my darnedest to avoid pertinent questions, teach them how to use the remote without screwing up all my settings, give them things to do and write this blog, which they didn’t know I was still writing. Hmmm.

Which is why it sucks today. Sorry.

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