“Achievements are one’s way of patting oneself on the back and then pushing forward to achieve even more.” – Tim Barley, earlier this morning




1. something accomplished, especially by superior ability,special effort, great courage, etc.; a great or heroic deed.

While it’s never smart to run in a suit and tie while carrying a briefcase, it IS good to rack up achievements.

Each day as a rule, I like to set most of my achievements very low, with one or two mid-level and one really higher than humanly possible to reach. The theory is that by knocking off the low hanging achievements (waking up, taking a shower, making coffee), the mid-level achievements (writing this blog, for instance) are then much easier to reach. Having reached this mid-level status each day, I can then attempt to “hitch my wagon to that star” (paraphrasing Emerson). That way, if I don’t achieve my high level goals, I don’t fall and break my legs, which is nice because I’d really like to play golf this week with my networking buddies and volleyball over the weekend, which would be achievements in themselves.

Last week, I wrote on how to get on a roll. Well, this is where it starts. Whether you want to get a job or just want to get back on that proper diet and exercise kick, you have to start with small achievements and then build your way up to that brass ring that you want so badly.
Knocking out a ‘win’ or crossing off an item on your ‘to-do’ list gets you moving and gives you a sense of accomplishment. It builds you up and makes you stand higher. It gives you a sense of purpose and makes you believe that you can do the next thing on your list. One caveat though: make sure the items on your list are somewhat in line with the previous achievements. Although all things are possible, waking up, making coffee, and getting dressed very seldom lead directly to you flying a 747 to Thailand, unless of course, you’re an airline pilot. Even then, you still have to get to LAX and through security! Surely, these are mid-level achievements. But, I digress.
I recently knocked off one of MY mid-level achievements on Sunday by finishing up a screenwriting contest that I had been working on for a few weeks. It felt good to have it off the list of things to do, but that left me with the next step: finding another mid-level achievement to accomplish:
Finding a job: this should be a mid-level achievement, but thanks to a defective government, a big bunch of “job creators” who won’t create jobs unless they get their taxes reduced to zero, and those DAMN HR scanners and algorithms, it’s turning into a high-level fiasco!
Creating my own business: this is actually very achievable. I have the skills and ideas to create my own consultancy. The issue remains: is this a mid-level or high level achievement?
Marrying rich: It shouldn’t be this hard to find a woman who is wealthy and can understand my desire to remain creative. No, my readers, that doesn’t mean “irresponsible.” Somehow, I just haven’t had the luck in finding a woman of means who loves my creativity, humor and fun personality to overlook the fact that I am not fully employed and stick around to see me flourish while she supports me.
So while I work on my next achievements, I ask you to look at what’s on YOUR list today. What can you knock off that list and move on to next?
P.S. My “brass ring” achievements? Oscar and Emmy – my someday kids’ names AND awards that I want to win. I just need to add a few more mid-level achievements to get there first. Write a great TV script and a feature, find a way to produce them, get them onscreen, as well as finding a woman who will put up with my shit, THEN be my girlfriend, fiance and wife. That’s a whole other list of achievements that I need to work on.
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2 thoughts on “Achievements”

  1. Good one…need to start looking at my days according to achievements. I hope laundry, making a decent dinner and buying a lottery ticket count, as that is all I achieved yesterday.

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