Appreciating Your Parents

***Good morning, everyone! New blogs tomorrow and this week as we take a look at “Horror Movie Awareness and Survival,” “Staying on a Roll,” and other topics that are not good enough for the ‘lamestream blogosphere.’***

But, I wanted to put something together to show my appreciation for my parents who stayed with me for a week. Minus one trip and fall incident, they enjoyed their stay and left me with a clean and organized apartment that is fully stocked with food.

Larry and Mary Sue have asked that I don’t mention them again on Facebook, but said nothing about my blog.

Or at least it was. It’s been less than a week since my parents left and my house is already a mess again. Even with three adults in my one bedroom apartment, two of whom spent a large amount of time at the beach almost every day and packed enough clothes and odds and ends to fill the entire SUV in which they drove out here, my place was organized and clean. Since they left, my bed has been without hospital corners and looks lived in. Piles of writing materials have been left on both couches, my coffee table and my work desk. And my full stocked cupboards look as if Goldilocks had her sorority sisters over for after-bar festivities…

I believe that a lot of the time, we take our parents for granted. Growing up, once we realize that we have our own voice (usually, and more often now, as rotten little teenagers), we spend a lot of time trying to get away from them and be our own person. It’s not until later on in life that we realize how much we might miss them and how much we will always have to learn from them.  In this day and age with the world as crappy as it is, I can totally understand why some people move back in with their parents. It’s not a perfect solution. For some, it is a necessity. But, having my parents here with me for a week taught me a pretty good lesson: they will always be there for me, and they will always remind me of that fact, even when I don’t really want to hear about it… 🙂

My parents are a perfect dichotomy of me personally. It’s very apparent where my DNA came from. And for one week, I was treated to both sides of my personality staring back at me from across tables at the Blue Water Grill or Hennessey’s: an eternally pragmatic, responsible questioner of “why is it this way?” combined with a big picture dreamer asking “why can’t it be this way?” It saved me a lot of time with inner monologues.

Which is another reason why this blog has been late in coming.

Have a good week, everyone! I’ll have new, top-quality blogs starting tomorrow as I intermix job hunting, consulting building and birthday festivities this week.

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