How To Get On A Roll… And Then Stay There

Get on a roll and stay there

Jeffrey Tambor’s words are solid advice for that time when you are on a roll.

Sometimes in life, you just have to learn how to get on a roll and then stay there.

I’m on a roll this week. Less than one week after my birthday, I found out who put a nice dent/gouge in my car, and they agreed to pay for the damages. I made a great contact just by being in the right place at the right time making the right comment. I bought a lottery ticket and won a free ticket (the next one was not a winner, but I DID get two for the price of one). And today, I have two phone interviews.

While these “wins” may not make it appear that I am on a roll, it is all a matter of how you look at it. Where I am in my life, I have to view these things, small as they are, as “wins.” The more wins you rack up in a row, the more you view the roll you are on as a winning streak. The larger the winning streak, the more positive you feel. The more positive you feel, the greater the chances of having something good happen. If you haven’t read “The Secret” yet, I’ve just saved you $12.95. (You can send half that amount to me to fully inherit some karma.)

Finding out you are on a roll

It’s not always easy to understand that you are on a roll. It may seem like the chips are down. While you may not have gotten that new job, you may have impressed the hiring manager or director with your skills in another area and they may suggest you for a job in another department. One that, say, doesn’t involve you driving back-and-forth to another country for work each day. One that may allow you to work from home and meet your new neighbor, who’s single and just moved in from Juneau with their dogs and just can’t get enough sunshine and continually lays out in the backyard…

On the flip side, did that relationship that seemed to be going so well just end abruptly? Have you checked the crime report in the local paper? I’m just saying that sometimes life has a way of doing what you don’t want to do for yourself. By putting you in an unsettling position, life will force you to confront what needs confronting and make the changes necessary to put you back on a roll.

Get on a Roll and Stay there!

Stay on it!

Now that recognize you are on that roll – learn to stay there!

Have you now come around to the positive way of thinking and realized that you are on a roll? Good, you’re half way to living positively. Now learn how to stay there. Even with all the positive things that have been happening to you lately, it may seem that life now just wants to knock you off that pedestal. It’s not true. In his book, “The Alchemist,” Paulo Coelho writes:

“Remember, life wants you to win. So get out of your own way.”


“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

They are not always easy to live by and to remember. But, if you continually repeat them as often as possible, or when you are confronted by doubt when you think life wants to knock you off your game, they can help you understand that the “situation” you are in is actually just part of being on a roll. So, stay there.


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