The Next Six Months

“Remember what was important to you six months ago?” – author unknown

What do you have planned for the next six months?

6 months ago what was important

This was important six months ago.

As I’ve written this week, we’ve worked on our daily, weekly and monthly achievement list, and now we should be on a roll. It’s time to turn our attention to what we will try to accomplish in the next six months. Of course, with the world scheduled for demolition this December 21st, a lot of that planning should be spent on building your stockpile of weapons, water and durable goods in case you survive and are left with an apocalyptic Hell-scape to deal with. Or, if you’re really close to perfecting interstellar travel THAT should dominate your daily, weekly and monthly set of achievements. But, whatever it is that shall dominate your list of what you want to achieve, will it be important to the next six months of your life? Six months from now, will you look back and see what was important?

The next six months checkup

A buddy of mine has a carved piece of wood above his sink that reads, “What was important to you six months ago?” The first time I read it, I was nonplussed. I didn’t care about what was important to me six months ago. “It’s the past. It’s history. Go to the library and check it out in a book,” I used to say. The more I thought about it, the more that it had stuck with me and had me asking what WAS important to me six months ago? Hell, what was important to me THREE months ago? And then it occurred to me: that without this constant checkup on what is important to us every six months, we can go astray from what we really want out of this short life we have. You can only give yourself a certain number of checkups, as I’ve demonstrated below:

The average human lives 80 years (please, for my purposes of simple arithmetic). The first 15 years (pre driver’s license) is relatively unimportant for the average person. Of the remaining 65 years, 15 years (retirement at 65 until 80) are all about retirement and living the good life. Yes, I know that has all changed and will change, but simple arithmetic, remember? That leaves 50 years, BUT my average reader is already approaching 45, which leaves us with 20 years (age 15 –> age 45 = -30) or 40 different times to look at what is important to us. Time’s a wastin’.

But, what will you focus on for the next six months?

Again, as you look back six months ago and you ask yourself, “What was most important to me back in March?” (You know, besides which of the 6 stooges was going to win the Republican nomination for President, and did Kentucky have enough inside presence to win the NCAA Tournament – honestly, I didn’t care and I forgot.), did you ask yourself what the next six months would look like? If I look back on MY March 2012 (six months ago from writing this), other than finding freelance and contract work, figuring out why my dating keywords weren’t working and I was STILL single, there wasn’t much on my mind. Now, six months later, I have a whole new list of things that are important to me and what will be important to me over the next six months (again, IF the world doesn’t end in December):

Education: (see business development) In an effort to build a consultancy, I’ve taken it upon myself to learn everything in the ever-changing social media industry. I’ve already become pretty good at it, but in the next six months, I am going to make myself THE expert on what I want to do in my business by providing my clients the best social media they can get.

Job hunt: While that happens, and being the pragmatic young man that Mrs. Barley raised, I am going to keep looking for a job to pay the bills while the side consultancy is established. I’ve had some great interviews, with some great companies and great people. It’s just a dog-eat-dog world out there right now with hundreds of dogs after the same bone.

Business Development: The side consultancy, “Total Engagement Social Media,” is slowly forming and I hope to leverage it into the go-to social media consultancy for local businesses to reach their customers. I may not be Shakespeare, but I am pretty social and a pretty good writer. There are a lot of local businesses that are neither.

Dating: This one still vexes me. Anecdotally last week, I met two British couples in their 40’s who were on holiday so one of the couples could get married in Southern California. The bride to be asked me why I was still single – evidently she is a friend of my mother – before telling me she was a psychiatrist. Now, Sharkeez during happy hour on a Friday is no place to be pouring out one’s issues. I’ve seen it and it’s not pretty. But, the woman did bring up good points about my incredible shrinking window of available women combined with my “must have’s/can’t stand’s” as eHarmony calls them. Apparently, the window within the window is apparently much smaller. Over the next six months, I may have to adjust what it is that’s important to me when looking for the new Mrs. Barley.

So, that’s what’s up for the next six months? Six months from now, will you look back and see what was important to you today? And will it be the same thing?


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