How “Revolution” Makes The Post-Apocalypse Seem Better

Thanks to “Revolution” for making me feel better about the impending doom.

The well clothed people of Revolution

They have either stumbled upon an Abercrombie & Fitch, or a Sephora.

I had wanted to begin a series today on those things that provide us with the inspiration, motivation and culmination to make and create great things, pushing us to be better, but there’s something that has been bugging me for three or four weeks now.

My faithful readers, I was so wrong about the future. I was running around like a chicken without its head, pontificating on disaster prep, and trying to make you aware of the icy hand of death that’s about to fall upon you. But it’s now clear to me, thanks to the plastic-feeling, clichĂ©-riddled, scene-chewing NBC show “Revolution,” that the world of tomorrow is a much sunnier, happier and better dressed place than it is now in the “pre-apocalypse.”

Clean water, fresh clothes, and well-fed survivors in “Revolution”

According to an International Energy Agency report, over 15% of the world’s population has NO electricity. These people burn coal, wood and dung to heat their homes and cook their food, which then causes pollution, killing another 1.6 million per year. In every picture, video feed, or news clip from those parts of the Earth that don’t have electricity, I’ve never seen ANYONE with clean, untorn clothes or great hair worthy of a Pantene Pro-V advertisement, and makeup looking as if was just applied at the Clinique counter.

Yet, the writers/producers at “Revolution” would have us believe that after 15 years the survivors of a world without electricity enjoy enough food to keep their curves, bathe after almost every other scene, and have the cleanest, best fitting, custom made clothes worthy of superheroes. Clearly, the clothing designer job field is booming in the future.

“Revolution:” The No Pollution Future

I can believe that 15 years after all the power went out around the world, the world has apparently cleansed itself of the massive amounts of carbon that the industrial world has poured into the environment over the years from automobiles, yet in the geographic area that our heroes live in there are six nuclear power plants. Now, I am no nuclear physicist, but I’m pretty sure you can’t just turn off the power on a nuclear power plant and call it a day. Alan Weisman’s book “The World Without Us” is a fantastic look at what would happen if the world were suddenly devoid of humans. While is isn’t the humans that disappeared in “Revolution” (it was just all the electricity), unplugged nuclear power plants would go through the same process. Radioactive fallout/waste would pollute the environment for thousands of years, which if you suspend your disbelief and find yourself sucked into “Revolution,” has apparently not affected the pretty little survivors nor given rise to mutant animals.

Happy, optimistic people

Revolution - good is dumb

Revolution: further adding to the “good is dumb” theory.

The fact that everyone in the world of “Revolution” is either a. optimistic or, b. or willing to change their pessimism to wide-eyed naivety at the first sign of trouble delights me to no end. Whether it is because I’ve had the time to plan for the future or have just hardened my outlook on it, I will have no problem subjugating these wishy-washy wusses of the future. I will proudly wear my Dark Helmet t-shirt that reads, “Good is Dumb” while stealing all of their food (no worries, they apparently can get more easily enough), steal their water (again, easily obtainable), and maybe even take their stylish, post-apocalyptic, custom-made leather jacket.

As you can probably tell, I’m not a big fan of NBC’s “Revolution.” Yet, I watch it, hoping that some day, someone will let me create a TV series that won’t have the viewer screaming at the TV, suspending all disbelief, scratching their head and wondering if the future isn’t going to be better than the present, with its fashionable, well-fed, groomed and happy people.

But, who knows? Maybe NBC has a crystal ball into the future. Oh, wait, they are the same network that greenlit “The Playboy Club,” “The Firm,” and “Guys With Kids…”

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