Things That Occurred to Me (Or, How I Procrastinated Today)

So, I’ve been contemplating site changes to Nothing major, just a new layout. And colors. And words. And “stuff.” Basically, retooling to be cooler looking as I build my social media consultancy and study for Google certifications and a whole bunch of other “stuff.”

I’m also about to build two MORE WordPress sites – (which will be my social media consultancy), and (which will be MY social site for all of us who love going to the movies and drinking. At the same time.).

Outwardly, I am cool as a cucumber. Inside, it’s like Fry is running the show at times.

But, then I started thinking. Which, if you know me, is how I came to start this site in the first place. I start at point A, then I think about how A.1 is kind of similar to plot point 7 and how in a 3D axial matrix that would lead to set X. If you think that made no sense, you should try being in my brain at times. It’s highly creative, partly disorganized, and a whole lot of fun.

So, this is what I’ve been thinking about while I still work on two websites, daily corresponding Facebook, Twitter posts, instagrams, Pinterest Pins and studying for my Google Adwords, Analytics, Adsense exams…

Public moving walkways

Why do people stand still on moving public walkways? I can understand escalators. They move you up or down when you’re too overburdened with Christmas presents for me to walk up the stairs. But, the majority of moving walkways are at airports. What then, is the purpose of standing still on a moving walkway? You’re basically telling the world that, “Yes, I need to keep moving. But I’m too lazy to actually walk. And I’m too much of a self centered a-hole to move to standing still side when I heard you approach from behind.” And don’t try to tell me you’re tired. You’ve been on a plane for hours. Sitting. You might as well be wearing your sweatpants…

“Revolution” vs. CNN

Both of these topics provide me with way too many distractions in my life lately. I find myself turning into my dad when I watch one and turning into one of the Muppet critics when watching the other. I’ll let you decide which is which. You may say to me, “Tim, just don’t watch either of them!” Oh, if it were only that simple. Like sitting up high at Fat Face Fenner’s in Hermosa and watching the dbags with their flat brimmed baseball caps cocked to the side and their jeans barely hanging off their asses, I look at “Revolution” and CNN and say, “How can things have gotten so bad?”

What will I do when the election is over?

I know most of you are dying for this election to be over. You’re tired of the commercials, the fat-headed pundits spewing “spin” about how their candidate misspoke and that their comment, “I’d build a new White House out of pure gold,” was misconstrued an that it would “create jobs.” But, at least you know what you’re going to get. When this election is over and one man is elected to the job of POTUS, 49-51% of the country is going to be irate and lamenting that the “world is at an end.” Trust me, it’s so much nicer now…


Food is bugging me right now. I really don’t have a taste for anything right now. I need a new recipe and if anyone can send me a recipe for something great, I’ll test it out and see. Send those recipes to

So, those are a few things that are “occurring to me” lately. I have more, but I forgot about them because I have work to do today…

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