Your “+1’s”

I’m back to discuss your “+1’s.”

Your +1's are not JUST about your friends

It’s not just about whether you are bringing a date to the big event.

Hello, everyone! It’s the Thanksgiving holiday! Or, as the retail world now calls it: the speed bump between Halloween and Christmas. It’s time today to talk about your “+1’s.” And, no, not just the answers to whether or not you are actually bringing a date or a “friend” to the big event.

But, first, I am sorry that I’m late with this post. As some of you may know I’ve embarked on creating a little thing called “Cocktails & Movies,” a long-gestating creation of mine which combines the fun of going out as a group to get cocktails during a happy hour, then going to see a movie in an actual theater. (The justification of WHY this must be done is there on the landing page for the site.) You can also find it on Facebook (Facebook/cocktailsandmovies) and of course on Twitter @cocktailsmovies.

But, not only that, I also started a consultancy managing small business social media strategies and content here in the South Bay of Los Angeles called Total Engagement Social Media. Yes, I am a job creator and I still get to maintain my status in the 99%. I promise that once I make it to 1% status, I’ll piss on the have-not’s and gripe about “high taxes that impede new business start-ups” with all the rest of the big-wigs as we burn 100-dollar bills to fuel our whale hunting boats.

And, like every good, outgoing American during the holidays, I added a retail job to my working resume for the first time in 10 years. You can find me at Barnes & Noble in Manhattan Beach through Christmas, working the cash registers and asking, “Did you found everything all right?” (and if you didn’t, tough luck, don’t ask me and try “customer service” – that’s whey THEY are there!).  🙂

Oh, and I am blogging for a site that discusses online dating called:

And, I’m also writing short SEO articles for Interact Media.

AND, I walk dogs professionally and for friends each and every day (I’m even boarding a Shiba Inu for 7 days over Thanksgiving – it’s like rent-a-dog).

As you can see, I’ve added a lot of “+1’s” to my life.

What are “+1’s?”

+1’s can be anything. They can be a secret date you’re bringing to a wedding or a party. But, for this blog +1’s are actually those things that you can do to make YOUR life better. It can be physical or mental, social or something that you do at home. Your +1’s can be used to further your life or they can be used just to enjoy it. I’ve listed some basic examples below, but just remember that you can add them to ANY part of your life:

Physical exercise: Do you know already that you’re going to overstuff yourself with mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, turkey, cranberries, green beans and post dinner pie? Not to mention the beer and wine? (Hell, I just overstuffed that SENTENCE!). Why not add a +1 to your pre-meal walk. +1 minute, +1 mile, +1 block. Just do a +1.  (As a rule, ANY plus one that involves distance should be added to the return trip to where you started. No use going out too far and not being able to get back.) This also applies to any exercise from hiking, biking and swimming to working those dumbbells in the gym.

Mental exercise: Thinking about giving up on that crossword or Sudoku puzzle because you’re stuck? Try again. Try for one more. It’s amazing what kind of roll you can get onto when you get. Just. One. More. It’s kind of like writing. Keep pushing yourself to get one more page done on that book or screenplay. Or just one more paragraph on this blog! 🙂

Social situations: Adding a +1 to your social circle is an incredibly rewarding effort. Granted, after a certain age, it’s really hard to add and absorb a new friend into your life. Adult cliques are even harder to crack than the cheerleader clique hanging outside the lockers in the hallway between fifth hour French and 6th hour P.E. But, you never know when accepting a +1 into your life will enrich it beyond your wildest expectations.

These are just examples, but by adding a +1 to anything, you’re going to get better at whatever it is. There is an adage that states: “Learning something for 10,000 hours makes you a master of it.”

You don’t get that way by NOT adding a +1 to whatever it is.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!!

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