Oh, Hello There Sunshine! No, I Can’t Play Today

It’s ironic that after what seems like a month in the proverbial freezer here in Southern California (and yes, I DO know that our lows of +/- 35 degrees and high’s of +/- 55 degrees were the envy of some of the nation), the sun came back with the vengeance of Mr. Chow finally being let out of the Mercedes in “The Hangover,” beaten down the cold temps with a crowbar of sunshine and warm temps!

(Thank you, thank you for the applause for most lengthy and mixed-up metaphor of the year so far. Just wait, it’s only January 19th. I have a whole year to do this…)

But, I can’t go outside to play today. I KNOW! It’s killing me, too. Outside the fact that, when rolling over in bed this morning, my head decided NOT to follow my body and my neck therefore played peacemaker and took the brunt of the argument, I have a business to run.

Yes, that’s right. Even in this economy of job-killing high taxes and I have struck out on my own to help others with their social media management for their businesses. My company is called Total Engagement Media, and you can find it here. My consultancy works exclusively with South Bay businesses, a lot of which have a very poor social media presence for such a social place! It’s fun and a lot more work. The old days of working 8-5 and making a crapload of $$$ is gone. It’s now work, work, work! But, I do love it and hope to grow it large enough to not only pay for what I owe each month (i.e. rent, bills), but to afford the things that I WANT to do (i.e. golf, travel, find that ONE thing that makes EVERYTHING worthwhile).

But, before you say, “Hey Tim, everyone has to take a break once in a while,” I also have another time consuming enterprise that is a bit more near and dear to my heart. Cocktails & Movies combines my love for, well obviously cocktails AND movies. It was born of a time when 1. I actually had friends that liked doing things that I liked to do and, 2. Actually liked to go to the movies. The premise is simple: get a group of people together, have a fun social happy hour and then go to a movie. I can remember seeing “Borat” after two too many cocktails. I never laughed harder in my life. The greatest was the sideways glances from all the parents at the 7:30 pm showing of “Chicken Little” as we laughed not only at the movie, but the laughing reactions of the kids throughout the theater…

But, by the use of social media I have garnered a bit of a following in other cities and other countries, which will serve me well when I travel and create “Cocktails & Movies” events domestically and internationally.  Now, if I can just find a way to make THAT profitable.

After completing that last sentence, I took a step outside as staring at my overflowing recycling box was just too distracting. It’s gorgeous outside today. Now it just bugs me that it’s that nice outside. Why does Mother Nature need to test me like this? Why can’t the little balls in the lottery match MY numbers? Are they better than me?

Well, before this turns into a stream of consciousness diatribe about why I am in sweats at my desk looking out at the ladies walking around in short shorts and bikini tops, I’ll get back to work work. Please take a moment to check out Cocktails & Movies on Facebook and Twitter (@cocktailsmovies) and Total Engagement Media on Facebook and Twitter as well (@totalengagemedi).

Thanks so much for reading! Now, go out and play!

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