Why Does Everything Have To Be So Real?

Running towards reality

Why does everything have to be so real nowadays? According to reports from CES in Las Vegas this week, the newest and greatest achievement is Ultra HD. That’s 4x times more life-like than your current HD TV. Why do we need this? Evidently, watching your TV and its crystal clear picture is not enough. You need to feel like you’re there; inside whatever it is your watching.  And if TV ratings are any indication, that means that you can find yourself sitting at Honey Boo Boo’s house once a week.

But, why do we want to watch things on our TV as if we were really there? Isn’t the point of watching TV (and for that matter, going to the movies) to escape reality? Going to work for eight hours a day, driving in traffic, eating lunch at your desk and dealing with sick co-works IS reality. Coming home, turning on the TV and escaping to a Pasadena apartment building filled with nerdy scientists and the hot neighbor, or following a former con-man turned CBI agent is what allows us to deal with the reality of life.

So, why do you want to view it without that filter of seeing it on TV or up on the big screen at the movie theater (where you can now see film in 48 fps (frames per second) making it seem like you are really there)? As for me, I don’t really WANT to be living in an apartment building in Pasadena. I like Hermosa Beach and the view from my living room. And I don’t really want to be a member of the CBI and solve crimes. I want the people on my TV to do that for me.

If I wanted to be part of the reality on TV, I’d try out for a reality game show. Until I feel the need to debase myself that low, I’ll continue to watch TV on my regular HD TV and go to the movie theater and watch movies with regular frame rates and avoid the 3D altogether.


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