What’s With All This 24-Hour Happiness?

WHY do we have to be happy 24/7?

“Cheer up,” they say. “Smile. Be happy.” We are told to be happy.  Why? What’s going on that you don’t want us to know about?

What is happiness?

First, what is happiness? The strict definition is:

A state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

If we go by this definition, then I’m not happy. I feel neither contentment or intense joy. I’m not even sure that I would know WHAT would give me contentment or intense joy.  I have convinced myself that being happy, as by definition, content people are “non-doers” and don’t strive for being better. Happy people don’t evolve.

But, let’s suppose that happy people CAN be productive. Why do I always need to be happy?

Is it good to always be happy?

Are “happy” people REALLY happy? Or are they just covering up the fact that real life is just outside their office or on their front doorstep ready to knock? Search the net and you’ll find millions of pages for being happy in an unhappy job, happy in an unhappy relationship or just being happy for being happy’s sack. So, is it good to be happy all the time?

Being happy all the time is a lot like running an endless marathon: it’s going to tire you out and make you sick and tired and probably a real assh*le to a lot of people. People who are too happy all the time are frustratingly maddening and serve as punching bags for others’ negative thoughts and possibly punches.

You CAN and SHOULD be unhappy from time to time.

So when someone tells you to “be happy,” and you don’t want to be, don’t. The world is not going to end. In fact, if you study the cause of your unhappiness, you can probably find a way to remove it from you life and change something that is making you unhappy. And then while you are enjoying your new return to happiness, dwell on the fact that there is something else that is going to make you unhappy soon. And that’s all right.


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