The Sun Is An A**hole

The Sun can just suck it.

Damn you, Sun. You sexy siren bitch!

Damn you, Sun. You sexy siren bitch!

Don’t get me wrong, without the sun I wouldn’t be here, at my desk, wracking my brain for ideas and typing away. My parents wouldn’t go to Florida for two months every year to get away from the Michigan Winter. Without the sun, we’d all be wearing Ugg boots (and Ugg hats, Ugg coats, Ugg underwear) and big mittens. Horses would never have evolved and we’d be riding Tauntauns (and you thought they smelled bad on the outside). And the bikini (you know the one with the mini triangle top bra and way-too-high-cut bottoms that no women whose daddy loved them would wear) would never have ever been invented. Face it, without the sun, the Earth would have been consigned as a mining planet for hardcore alien criminals from the planet Reticulon IV…

And I really like the sun, if not for the reasons laid out above, then because I feel really good after spending a day bathed in its warmth. Plus, I look good with a bit of color.

But, there’s a down side to the sun shining all day long, especially when you own your own business or have a fledgling website you’re trying to grow. Sure, it’s sunny and warm and inviting outside the window to your “office.” How, then, are you supposed to get any work done when it’s THAT inviting outside? I can see the ocean from my house and I can feel the sun peeking into my house like a friend with no responsibilities wanting to go out and hit the town.

Look, I don’t care for snow anymore. I’m not a big fan of the cold and frigid temps of the American Midwest. I don’t really find the humidity of the South that enjoyable either. So, I live in Southern California where the Sun tends to shine a lot more often than is conducive to working from one’s house. We fight a lot – sometimes it burns me when I’m not careful. And being a big nuclear reactor, it is doing its best to shower me with radiation. I yell at it sometimes for being too bright to look at directly and sometimes it doesn’t come by when I really want it to.

So, yes, the Sun IS an asshole. Sometimes the best things in life are. And you just have to accept that.

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