Good News! The Job Market Should Be Fixed in “The Next Week or So…”

Job Market to normalize “in two weeks or so…”

I’m so excited to bring you this announcement personally! In an exclusive to the rest of the California, no, The Country, I can now say that the U.S. job market, so weak for so long now, will return to normal in a couple of weeks. Or so I keep being told. The fact that I’ve been told this by various sources for many months now isn’t keeping my spirits down.

I'm in there, fighting for a job!

I’m in there, fighting for a job!

As many of you know, I was a victim of the “economic downturn,” the politically safe way to say that unregulated bankers and corporate types raped, pillaged and burned the American economy while the cops (in this case The Government) did nothing to stop them, then turned their attention to blaming everyone and everything in sight except themselves while the criminals silently slipped away with your money like the Grinch on Christmas. I’m not here to cast blame for who started, who hasn’t fixed it or why it’s looking like it will happen again. You know who’s responsible, and if you ask 100 people, you’ll get 100 answers.. No, I’m here to tell you that the dark times might be over and that some of us might return to full-time employment soon.

My unemployment time was technically 99 weeks (or just short of two years). But, since I receive no benefits, I am now not part of the unemployment figures. I’m just Tim. And that’s not all bad!

During that time, I started a social media consultancy with enough clients to keep a roof over my head, a cellphone in my hand (waiting for those call backs) and mac and cheese in the cupboard, but not much else. No trips, no fancy dinners, no nice 22″ rims for my car or anything that my more conservative friends would point out what the “poor” are buying with their food stamps. Beyond that, I’ve built a social media network that is poised to become something bigger that involves my love of movies and getting together with friends. (Sadly, my “friends” aren’t very supportive and aren’t much for movies, so it’s a lonely process at this point.   I hope to make many more friends with this project…)

And through it all, I’ve applied for jobs. On average between 3-5 jobs a week that pertain to what I do for a living and CAN do, and a LOT of jobs that I have no desire to do, but need to do in order to make a living. (To the hiring managers at Starbucks, Aaron Brothers, Home Depot, etc. thanks for not even calling me back after I filled out an application. To the good folks at Barnes & Nobel, THANKS!!! I had a great time during the holiday season and look forward to next season!)

But, lately, my resume has garnered a lot of attention from recruiters. Now, most of these calls are in the last week of the month every month (aka “quota-filling time), but still. If I ever want to work on U/X HTMLX CSS5 with JAVAscripting with metaguaging C++ and SQL documents, I have my pick from recruiters working in India for local companies in Nashville…

In the month of June, I HAVE been on three face-to-face interviews, and five phone interviews and one Skype interview. The first two of these did not garner back a phone call at all to let me know if I am still in the process. Professionalism seems to have disappeared in the digital age. But, the last three jobs for which I have applied and talked to someone at length about the position have been met with the “we’ll be moving forward in next steps in the next week or so.”

And, when all the other candidates out there, I’LL get my chance to return to the full-time work force. And the economy will be back on track!

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