Who IS Timothy Barley?

Timothy Barley: social media manager, campaign manager, community grower, creative writer,  golfer, beach volley player and all around good guy.

Timothy Barley Social Media ManagerHello, this is Timothy Barley. Timothy. Tim. Or “Timmy” if you know me really well…

This is the page on my site where I’m supposed to tell you who I am.

So, just like the bios on most other pages, I will do this as a chronological/achievement list of things that have gotten me to where I am in the life of Timothy Barley.

Timothy Barley: the early years

Born and raised in Michigan, I was always the talkative one. I talked about EVERYTHING – from dinosaurs to “diggers” (diggers being large-scale construction and earth-moving equipment, something I am still somewhat fascinated by) to “Star Wars” and “King Kong.” I liked to talk loud and fast and often. To those of you under the age of 30, this is how we communicated with each other before cell phones and the Internet and email and texting…

As I neared the end of my elementary education in the early 1980’s, I was diagnosed with asthma, which was quickly followed by the discovery that I was in need of very powerful prescription glasses. Combine those with the fact that I was skinny as hell, bullied constantly and dressed preppy in a “concert tee and jeans” kind of town, I entered an inward phase of my life, collecting comic books, playing Dungeons & Dragons and playing video games that helped me become the creative person I am today.

Junior high through high school graduation

It was all a blur of time I’d like to forget, complete with bad haircuts, cold weather, not being as good at golf as I’d like and constantly trying to get people to take me seriously.

The University of Wisconsin – Madison

timothy barley Wisconsin


I’d like to thank the UW for showing me that I suck at math and that I was never meant for the business side of life. I walked onto the campus a wide-eyed Young Republican, with dreams of being a “businessman.”  After learning the error of my ways, I became everything that a Republican hates: free thinking, learned, socially conscious rabble rouser. Thanks to the Communications Department, I enjoyed many hours of cartoon viewing while doing “homework.” I fell in love with 16mm and VHS (advanced for my time, kids) creation and movie making. And so, after 4.5 years of enjoying the cold winters of Madison, I decided that Los Angeles would be where I would make my mark.

Timothy Barley: 19 years in Los Angeles

When I moved out to the LA area, I had no friends, no job and no idea how I was going to make my dream of directing a movie by 29 come true. Pretty sure that I don’t have two of those now…

But, after a year here I quickly began working as a page at Paramount Pictures, then joined the “Hard Copy” team as a PA, before working on the show “Sister, Sister” as a PA and writers’ assistant and then taking a 8 year sabbatical in a management position. I returned back to the entertainment field, becoming the first employee of Hollywood Branded, a boutique product-placement agency in El Segundo, started by a couple of my friends.

Thanks to something known as the Great Recession, a period in which rich people realized that they took too much from those without and no one was left to continue the ponzu scheme that was the housing market, I became one of the unemployed. Now, today, I am embarking on my own business: managing social media and creating content for those who don’t have the time or the ability. I also have a library of TV and film scripts as well as a novel and an idea for a new e-novel as well:

“Cold Void” – A sci-fi TV pilot written with Al Burgos, complete with three more episodes and two more seasons that have story arcs.

“The Turn” – a feature film script about golf and teens and tweens in a small Midwestern town as they confront racism

“The Summer of Blue Drinks” – my novel about love, denial, and the darkness under the sun over the course of a lost summer…

Now, I own a small consulting business called Total Engagement Media, which consults on, and manages, local businesses’ social media marketing efforts.

And of course there is “Cocktails & Movies” – a fledgling site dedicated to brining people to the movies and social happy hours.

And, as they say in TV commercials, “many others!!!!”

I continue to learn and grow and make myself a better person every day.

Timothy Barley

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