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Why “Off Topic Tim?” And what are “off topics?”

(this may be short. I have to see a person about a thing…)

When searching for a catchy name to call my blog, I searched many website addresses. But, none of them really worked. I mean site names like “Timsideas.com” and “whattimthinks” were already taken. Just how many Tim’s are out there, espousing their ideas to the world?

And, since I do own 23 different domain addresses, I COULD have used one of those. But, really, can you see MarySue or Larry Barley typing in “Hotchicksinlove.com,” “Smalltownnudes.com,” or “Outdoorhotties.com” in order to follow their son’s daily blog? Me neither. Besides, although I really DO own those domain names, I am really just squatting on them until the reprobates of the world decide they want to buy them. (Just picture me sitting on my virtual veranda, in a white seer-sucker suit, twisting my mustache…)

P.S. I do have some really, really great, inventive site names if you ever want the list… 🙂 AND some legitimate ones for “Cold Void” and “Cocktails and Movies” as well.

But, after an exhaustive search that seemed like it took days, but was actually probably more like 20 minutes, I came up with “Offtopictim.com.”  It really does encompass the stray thoughts that go zipping through my head. These ideas can be inconsequential, random or brilliant, but all of them need to get out of my head or my brain will begin to look like a Third World slum with lots of voices in lots of languages shouting at each other while hanging up their laundry and cluttering up my head.

As sociable as I am, by nature, I don’t like to talk about MYSELF. And, thankfully, most people don’t really dig deep enough to realize that I am an expert at deflecting talk about me and my life, goals, dreams, etc. back onto them. It’s a great skill to have as a politician but people tell me that my previous life of drinking, partying, and womanizing would never get me elected. Yet, somehow if worked out for the Kennedy’s and George Bush.

This skill of deflecting talk about myself does have a drawback though. Seriously interested and smart people, mostly women, soon realize that all the talk is centered around them, and they can lose interest in yours truly. This is great if you’re dating a 20-something and won’t miss the self-obsessed girl next to you, but when you’re at the age where long-term relationships are trying to be formed, not letting anyone into what’s inside your skull doesn’t lend itself to forward momentum in a relationship.

But, it’s not all about me that is hard to talk about these days. I have thoughts and opinions on most things. And, they are all the right opinions to have. If you’re in my head. I love to accrue even the least newsworthy item into my brain and save it for later. It’s this love that led me to a shot on “Jeopardy!” once (a third place finish, but a shot nonetheless), and a pretty stellar career at Trivial Pursuit and Trivia Bar Games.

However, have you ever tried to have a conversation with family and friends about “off topics” these days. My friends, whom I love to death, casually dismiss my remarks as “weird” or “goofy” and I’m happy to oblige them in letting any ensuing conversation die off, or else I may have to start talking about myself. Their just great conversation starters or, more aptly, conversation-enders.

But, if you ever need a date that can talk to anyone on anything, drop trivia bombs and walk away and won’t embarrass you for a party or an event, I’ll never let you down and I won’t make it about me…

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