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Things That Occurred to Me (Or, How I Procrastinated Today)

So, I’ve been contemplating site changes to offtopictim.com. Nothing major, just a new layout. And colors. And words. And “stuff.” Basically, retooling offtopictim.com to be cooler looking as I build my social media consultancy and study for Google certifications and a whole bunch of other “stuff.”

I’m also about to build two MORE WordPress sites – www.totalengagementmedia.com (which will be my social media consultancy), and www.cocktailsandmovies.com (which will be MY social site for all of us who love going to the movies and drinking. At the same time.).

Outwardly, I am cool as a cucumber. Inside, it’s like Fry is running the show at times.

But, then I started thinking. Which, if you know me, is how I came to start this site in the first place. I start at point A, then I think about how A.1 is kind of similar to plot point 7 and how in a 3D axial matrix that would lead to set X. If you think that made no sense, you should try being in my brain at times. It’s highly creative, partly disorganized, and a whole lot of fun.

So, this is what I’ve been thinking about while I still work on two websites, daily corresponding Facebook, Twitter posts, instagrams, Pinterest Pins and studying for my Google Adwords, Analytics, Adsense exams… Continue reading

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