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Coming Out of A Three Day Weekend

(actually, ALL my weekends are three day weekends, or four day… or five day… or six day…)

It's very hard to come back from a three day weekend.

Even when I did have a job (and I am really, really, really looking forward to that again),  it was always tough for me to come back from a long weekend. And trust me I say this, writing this blog today is not that different. It’s really tough to come back to the “reality” of life after a long weekend. And some three day weekends are tougher than others.

So, I’d pose a question to you, my readers: Is it harder to come back from a three day weekend when the extra day off is Friday or on a Monday? I’m going to give you MY opinion, because it’s my blog.

The “Friday Off” Three Day Weekend

Traditionally, I like this type of three day weekend, which usually happens when date-driven holidays, such as Christmas, New Year’s, 4th of July, etc. happen when the date falls on a Friday. With a Friday off, it make Thursday that much more fun as the night out. Your Friday is suddenly a Saturday. Two Saturdays!!! What’s so bad about that? But, the really great part of a three day weekend on which you get Friday off is that Sunday, a traditional rest/recuperation day, holds its place and then you can ease yourself back into the work week again on Monday. If you live in the South Bay, trust me, this is necessary to maintain normalcy and so much better on the liver/body.

And then going back to “work” on the ensuing Monday, you follow the “normal” plan and everything seems right with the world, work seems easier and you’re typically more focused.

“Down For the Count” Monday Off Three Day Weekend

This is the three day weekend that typically screws with my system the most. It’s suddenly Tuesday, not Monday? What the hell? I’m already behind schedule this week? How did that happen? It makes me ask questions such as “What day IS it?” and “Where’s the coffee?” “Is this a trash/recycling day?”

When you come back from this type of a three day weekend, such as Memorial Day or Labor Day, in which Monday IS the day off, you are already screwed. You think your NORMAL Monday is bad? Try a Tuesday/Monday. Suddenly, nothing makes sense. You forget that the Tuesday morning department meeting is today, NOT tomorrow. Your body clock is still on Monday mode, moving slowly, even though today is the big push on that new project. The only good thing is that EVERYONE else is in this same boat. Which makes for a slow business day.

Which begs the question: shouldn’t there be a day off to recover from a three day weekend? 🙂

Now, I’m off to find more things to keep me from actually working today…

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