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I’ve Been “Censored.”

Well, not really. But it feels like it.

As the television networks have the Parents Television Council, OffTopicTim has his friends.

Lately, a few of them have been turned off by the cynicism, which they say has grown and infested my latest posts. (The fact that they were about politics, the MOST cynical of entertainment sports, appears to be lost on them. It’s just that John Stewart, Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert have TEAMS of writers to make their cynicism sound funnier.)

Normally, I would react to this “friendsorship” like I do most censorship proponents as a child would to an annoying dog who barks incessantly: I’d swat it on the nose and say, “No!”

But, as I am a struggling writer, with a blog that hasn’t quite received the traction and promotion from those friends that I wish it had, it pains me to say that I need to temper my message a bit to bring in a larger audience. Besides, I still want them to invite me to things, even though a lot of them are unaffordable to me.

A special ‘thank you’ to Doug and Shawn.

But, I really want to thank Doug W. and Shawn P. who have been champions of my blog to their friends and promoting it to their followers and FB friends. Thanks, Guys!!!!

So, with a wounded ego, a fractured self-worth and long spiraling self-esteem, not all of which are the result of getting rapped on the knuckles by friends, I will no longer be writing cynical blog posts about politics, nor any negative pieces about anything on this blog. I’ll continue with “offtopics” that (hopefully) amuse and entertain you all as much as possible. I’ll miss railing against CNN and NBC and their questionable programming choices. And I’ll miss calling out the idiocy of politics here. I’ll even miss talking about bad dates (hell, I’d be grateful for ANY date right now…).

It might turn out that I won’t be able to post every day anymore. The list of drafts in the pipeline will have to be deleted and replaced with other (off)topics.

If you DO want to hear more about politics,¬†send me an email to offtopictim@gmail.com and I’ll direct you to another blog where divergent viewpoints can be shared and political discourse can continue between those who love to hate politics.

Until next time everyone, Happy INDEPENDENCE Day!

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