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Why “You” Don’t Matter Anymore

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Have you voted yet? No? You say the election isn’t until November? What about the Greek elections? Did you realize that Nikos Hanias has jumped ship from the Syriza party? Calling them dangerous?¬†Apparently, these elections have a lot to do with you. What about the austerity measures in Spain and Italy? If they don’t get money to bail their banking systems out, it’s going to effect YOUR 410k, if you even still have one… Maybe you live in one of the 14 states that “will decide the presidential election.” Do you? ¬†If you believe the media pundits, your very future is at stake as this is “the most important election in U.S. history.” Not sure which states these are? Hell, I can tell you. If you don’t live in one, you apparently don’t even have to bother voting.

Greek elections

THESE people are going to have a significant impact on your life on Monday morning.

Tomorrow and Sunday, the Greek people are going to the polls to vote (voting on Saturday and Sunday! Novel!). If the status quo, New Democratic Party wins, Greek politicians will move ahead as planned with Eurozone approved bailout measures that will include austerity measures (such as cutting 32% from the minimum wage) and deep cuts in spending (and 15,000 state workers will be put in a “labor reserve” at 60% wage and then let go after a year, hiring one back for every five let go). Life will go on, a light will supposedly be seen at the end of Europe’s debt tunnel and there will be little disruption in the world markets come Monday morning. Bankers will continue to use your money for the purposes of getting good returns for their investors.

However, if the far left coalition, Syriza, wins the election, they have promised to renounce the austerity measures, which would force the Eurozone to hold back bailout money and possibly force Greece from the Eurozone, default on all its debts and return Greece to the Drachma. Hopefully, Greece would still have 300 able bodied soldiers to hold the “Hot Gates” while they worked something else out. This would “have devastating effects on the Eurozone AND the world economy.” Also, I assume that would also include human sacrifice, cats and dogs living together and mass hysteria. So, apparently, Mr. and Mrs. America, it’s not YOU that matters to the global economy and governments, it’s Greece.

The next in line after Greece are Spain and Italy. If these countries falter on paying their debts, then you can rest assured that the recession of 2008-2009 will look like a walk in the park. Any money that you have left that isn’t under you mattress or in the form of food and water and guns is going to be worthless. You think it’s hard to find a job now? Wait until the pockets of every company and government agency puckers up like a virgin on prom night. For some reason, the world consumer is more important to American politicians and companies than you are.

The swing states that “will decide the election”

If you don’t live in Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Florida, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Virginia, and North Carolina, then you don’t need to vote this fall in the general election. You see, YOUR state has already been given by the media to Obama or Romney. It doesn’t matter how you vote in the other 37 states, if you don’t live in the 13 that matter, then your vote won’t make a difference.

The shadow of unlimited money looms over the U.S. Government.

No matter where you live, you will still be subjected to the constant bombardment of TV ads for candidates, bought and paid for by people with more money than you or I or our friends combined will ever have. Recently, it was suggested that there might not be enough ad time on TV to fit in all the political ads that will be bought and aired on TV this fall. All this from people whose money now counts as free speech (thanks to the Supreme Court and “Citizens United”). That means that you no longer count as much as a person who has more money than you. Equal representation indeed! And you were worried that the LGTB’s getting the right to married made you less of a person…

So, you see? “You” don’t matter anymore. Sorry, you.

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