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What’s Bugging Me! Channeling My Inner “Old Man.”

What’s bugging me? Let me tell you.

There is a whole list of what’s bugging me this week. I think that this is what Eric, Kim and the rest of my friends had in mind after my call-in topic on KROQ’s “Kevin and Bean Show” back in early April (waiting on the link from KROQ). Look, I don’t want to be the “people police,” but if I have to, you know I will.

what's bugging me

Crowds and lots of people on their phones.

Last night, I was in Santa Monica for their summer concert series. As the main act was an Aussie country star named Kasey Chambers, no one was there! Hahaha! Just kidding. It was a light crowd with a mix of non-English speaking tourists, kids, and families that were way too big for whatever income they had coming in. Kind of like a disorganized solar system: Mom, pushing the stroller, was the sun; seven kids, milling about as she yelled at them, were the planets; and the dad, eyeing girls in the crowd, including creepily finding ways to eye my date, was a rogue comet hurtling through the whole system, picking up his kids as they were sucked up in his gravitational wake.

The crowds were not what was bugging me. It was the aimless wandering of the crowd as they looked down at their phones, not watching where they were going. Apparently, there was an earth-shattering text or email they just HAD to read while walking! Not stopping and reading it. No, they were evidently on their way to the situation room at the White House and just had to read that important text. Several times, I just stood in one spot and waited for the person on the phone to run into me. Then these people had the gall to give me a look. Eff you, stupid person on your phone not watching where you are going! Eff you! If we would still let predatory species like lions and wolves roam free, you’d be dead. Next time, I’m dropping my shoulder and then you won’t be bugging me so much…

The Olympics

It’s not so much the Olympics, but what everyone thinks are the most popular sports AT the Olympics that is bugging me. At least in LA, we are all excited to see how Team USA is going to do in basketball. I’m sorry, I thought the U.S. Olympic Team was Team USA, not just the overpaid thugs that call themselves basketball players. Correct me if I’m wrong there, Sandy, but when I read Greek history in school (yes, I was educated BEFORE history had become a subjective topic), I don’t remember athletes competing in team sports. It was a nation-state’s best individual athletes against each other, NOT professional mercenaries competing against the best farmers and fisherman that other countries from around the world can muster whose basketball is probably still made of real leather.

On a side note, it is a damn shame that every medal that an athlete wins is taxed by the U.S. for the precious metals IN the medal as well as the prize money they get from the USOC. It could be as much as $8750 for the prize money and another $250 for the metals. And yet, oil companies and those who make millions of dollars get tax breaks and can afford tax accountants who will help them evade more taxes… Amazing…

Drivers who park their cars stupidly

this is bugging me

Look, I understand that some parking spaces were designed when cars were smaller and more “economical” (and looked sh*tty, because well, it was the 1980’s). But, then the SUV came along and cars got bigger and bigger, because in the 90’s and 2000’s who could have thought that people would EVER want smaller, more economical cars? Oh, yes, the Japanese, the South Koreans, the Germans and everyone else who makes cars in the world. But, I digress… What’s bugging me about drivers, and this doesn’t even take in to the fact that every other driver on the road is just AWFUL, is the way they park. There are two lines! They are parallel to each other! It’s called a parking SPACE. They are NOT guidelines, as in “use this guideline to park your car in the center of the line.” Unless it says, “Compact only,” it’s big enough for your car. There is no reason for you to park ON ONE OF THE LINES, especially if I am already parked there! If you can’t position your car between the two lines, then I have to ask how you got your driver’s license…

And don’t even get me started on the d-bag who things it’s okay to park his SUV in the compact space. I may have to start carrying around tire boots with me…

Coal and “America’s Energy” commercials

what's bugging me

Besides being a lie, Pepsi Clear doesn’t exist anymore either…

There is no doubt that we have literally a ton of coal in the United States. But what’s bugging me is this new push by America’s coal producers to tell me to tell my congressman to repeal longstanding EPA regulations so that they can burn more of it for cheaper energy (cheaper energy meaning bigger profits for the company, NOT lower rates for you, the consumer). This is all done under the guise of “coal can burn cleaner these days.” Ah, so someone HAS found the legendary Pepsi Clear of coal out there!! Apparently, now when you burn coal it gives off a gas no worse for the environment than that of raspberry unicorn farts and a slight mist of fairy dust. Nice try coal producers! I tried lighting a piece of coal on fire last week and all I did was repaint my kitchen with a nice gray dust.

Anyway, that’s what’s bugging me for this week. Now that that is off my chest, I can turn my attention to other things like finding a job or starting my own company or finishing up writing projects. Actually, all of those things are bugging me too…

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The New Terrorism: How Today’s Politicians Have Co-Opted America

“They’re well financed and very slick… Add all that up, I don’t know what the fuck it means, but you got some bad-ass perpetrators and they’re here to stay.” — John McClane in “Die Hard,” but it could anybody who wants to describe the elected officials who are supposed to be legislating for you in Washington.

The U.S. Congress has a new logo…

There is a growing homegrown terrorist organization inside this country. It has been quietly funded by shadowy figures and large groups with their own personal agendas. It has quietly infested the very soul of this country. It has kidnapped and hijacked the idea of America. It uses fear, obstruction, terror and childish inaction to cajole the public into electing them again and again. It’s name is the Legislative Branch of the U.S. government. There’s 535 of them, 435 members of the House of Representatives (a very loose term these days) and 100 members of the Senate. And, they are openly hostile, dangerous and a clear and present danger to the people of the United States.

Regardless of your opinions of who should be our next president, I have openly advocated for an almost complete dismissal of the current members of Congress at the polls this November in a previous post.  They don’t care about the American people anymore. Can you remember the last time an elected Congressman or Senator said, “The people in my state feel…” or “This affects my district/state…” without it sounding like it’s all about them or the party? It’s been a long time since I hear something other than “We don’t want the other party doing this or that…”

Dogmatic and inflexible party lines with unknown lawmakers

Quick: name your two Senators and your representative for your district. Good. Now tell me how they voted on the last three bills up for vote. If you got more than two of those right, YOU should run for office. But, were the votes that they cast the best vote FOR YOU and your fellow district/state members?  Or were they what was best for the Republican or Democratic Party? Do you even know how to get a hold of your Senator or Representative? Have they ever replied? Maybe you should join a group…

“Whips” are not just for the dominatrix set. Whips are used to tame lions. Whips were used as part of the Inquisition to enforce an ideological dogma. Whips in Congress are all about making sure that the members of the parties fall in line with the party. I’ll let you draw the parallels. As with all terrorist organizations, the legislative branch co-opts individual thought and subjugates its members into a collective, “us against them” mindset that does little to advance national interest.

Outside influences – Congress as a proxy war

Congress is not entirely at fault. They were once true individual Americans. But, they are weak minded and power hungry. Like Gollum, corrupted by the One Ring, Senators and Representatives need their fix and look to wherever they can in order to stay in power. Enter the outsiders: SuperPAC’s, and “policy” makers like Grover Norquist and the exhaustive line of lobbyists. By offering to fund campaigns or with outright extortion (in the case of Grover Norquist), these individuals and groups have twisted and corrupted the very set of lawmakers that are supposed to represent you.

If there is anything that I learned today with the SCOTUS ruling on health care, it’s that Congress does NOT have our best interest at heart. Instead of accepting that the equally important third branch of government ruled something constitutional and working together to find a way to make an obviously imperfect bill BETTER, your leaders began to take sides. None of those was siding with the American people. Instead of working to finding jobs for Americans, passing a budget and assisting those in need from floods in the South and fires out West, I watched as Senators and Congressmen used obstructionist policies and talked about making repeal of the Affordable Health Care Law their first priority and adding fetal “personhood” amendments to flood insurance bills to prevent legislation from passing.  

Personally, I don’t have a dog in this fight. I could care less if Republicans or Democrats make a majority in Congress, or whether (please, please, please) some unknown third party makes a play and wedges itself into the political scene in order to force Congress to work together. JUST SO LONG AS THEY ARE DIFFERENT AND THAT THEY UNDERSTAND THAT THEY ARE ELECTED BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND CAN BE “UN-ELECTED” BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. It would be great to see anyone who has been elected who will work with others for the benefit of the people of the United States. I would run, but my finances are limited and after this blog there probably isn’t a group that would come near me with a 10-meter cattle prod.

Yes, I am angry.  Yes, it may be a (slight) stretch calling them terrorists. But, it’s hard not to do so as I listen to the Short Bus Network (CNN) and The Legion of Doom (FOX News) where I am constantly reminded of what a bunch of out-of-touch jagoffs we have in the legislative branch of the federal government. Yes, I am going to keep talking about it. No, you can’t stop me. I have a blog. Unfortunately, we cannot just escort them out of the building.  And, actual advocation for termination brings men in suits by your house… But, hopefully I have friends who will A) read this and, 2) forward it on to others. Hopefully, I have friends who will vote with logic and intelligence for candidates that speak to them about their issues and will continue to interact with them and hold fast to those issues. And, with any luck, hopefully my friends will help me vote new Congressman and Senators into office this November.

Dear FBI: you won’t find me at home today. I’ll be outside taking the day off. Just come in and make yourself at home.

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Why “You” Don’t Matter Anymore

(sorry to let you know via blog post…)

Have you voted yet? No? You say the election isn’t until November? What about the Greek elections? Did you realize that Nikos Hanias has jumped ship from the Syriza party? Calling them dangerous? Apparently, these elections have a lot to do with you. What about the austerity measures in Spain and Italy? If they don’t get money to bail their banking systems out, it’s going to effect YOUR 410k, if you even still have one… Maybe you live in one of the 14 states that “will decide the presidential election.” Do you?  If you believe the media pundits, your very future is at stake as this is “the most important election in U.S. history.” Not sure which states these are? Hell, I can tell you. If you don’t live in one, you apparently don’t even have to bother voting.

Greek elections

THESE people are going to have a significant impact on your life on Monday morning.

Tomorrow and Sunday, the Greek people are going to the polls to vote (voting on Saturday and Sunday! Novel!). If the status quo, New Democratic Party wins, Greek politicians will move ahead as planned with Eurozone approved bailout measures that will include austerity measures (such as cutting 32% from the minimum wage) and deep cuts in spending (and 15,000 state workers will be put in a “labor reserve” at 60% wage and then let go after a year, hiring one back for every five let go). Life will go on, a light will supposedly be seen at the end of Europe’s debt tunnel and there will be little disruption in the world markets come Monday morning. Bankers will continue to use your money for the purposes of getting good returns for their investors.

However, if the far left coalition, Syriza, wins the election, they have promised to renounce the austerity measures, which would force the Eurozone to hold back bailout money and possibly force Greece from the Eurozone, default on all its debts and return Greece to the Drachma. Hopefully, Greece would still have 300 able bodied soldiers to hold the “Hot Gates” while they worked something else out. This would “have devastating effects on the Eurozone AND the world economy.” Also, I assume that would also include human sacrifice, cats and dogs living together and mass hysteria. So, apparently, Mr. and Mrs. America, it’s not YOU that matters to the global economy and governments, it’s Greece.

The next in line after Greece are Spain and Italy. If these countries falter on paying their debts, then you can rest assured that the recession of 2008-2009 will look like a walk in the park. Any money that you have left that isn’t under you mattress or in the form of food and water and guns is going to be worthless. You think it’s hard to find a job now? Wait until the pockets of every company and government agency puckers up like a virgin on prom night. For some reason, the world consumer is more important to American politicians and companies than you are.

The swing states that “will decide the election”

If you don’t live in Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Florida, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Virginia, and North Carolina, then you don’t need to vote this fall in the general election. You see, YOUR state has already been given by the media to Obama or Romney. It doesn’t matter how you vote in the other 37 states, if you don’t live in the 13 that matter, then your vote won’t make a difference.

The shadow of unlimited money looms over the U.S. Government.

No matter where you live, you will still be subjected to the constant bombardment of TV ads for candidates, bought and paid for by people with more money than you or I or our friends combined will ever have. Recently, it was suggested that there might not be enough ad time on TV to fit in all the political ads that will be bought and aired on TV this fall. All this from people whose money now counts as free speech (thanks to the Supreme Court and “Citizens United”). That means that you no longer count as much as a person who has more money than you. Equal representation indeed! And you were worried that the LGTB’s getting the right to married made you less of a person…

So, you see? “You” don’t matter anymore. Sorry, you.

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